Why become a nurse in the UK?


Why become a nurse in the UK?

October 06, 2021

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading hospitals, practices and centres, giving you the skills and experience to be the best in your field. The NHS is regarded as one of the world’s best health institutes spanning over 1,200 hospitals and offering free health care to the British population. The NHS is also considered by over two-thirds of the British people to be Britain’s greatest achievement leading to nurses being adequately compensated for. Newly-qualified nurses start their career with a minimum of £24,000 a year and receive a generous pension scheme. On top of this, nurses receive a range of discounts on transport, accommodation, groceries, restaurants and children’s education, activities and tutoring.

Working as a nurse in the UK also has the benefit of working with a multi-cultural, diverse workforce, giving you the opportunity to meet amazing new people and experience an array of different cultures.

There has been a long shortage of skilled staff with a Staffing Survey showing only 28% of respondents across the country felt that there was enough staff at their workplace for them to do their job. This shortage is only going to grow with it being expected that by 2030 there will be a shortfall of 108,000 nurses (partly due to one in 3 nurses expected to retire in the next decade). This shortage presents a positive opportunity for people looking for nursing jobs in the UK as there are currently over 40,000 nursing vacancies.

Nurses who work for the NHS also receive constant training and development as they undergo annual personal development reviews and a tailored plan to support their professional goals.

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