Dear Candidates

Dear Candidates,

Every candidate we engage with is offered professional, transparent, and valuable advice and guidance on career advancement and salaries.

Specifically we offer our candidates:

Advice - even for candidates not looking for an imminent move.
Total confidentiality.
CV preparation guidelines and examples.
Background information on any client requesting an interview.
Interview technique advice and case study preparation.
Offer negotiation by a professional mediator who is sector aligned.
On-going support in the first six months within the new role.

Beyond this, as our relationships are predominately with the hiring partners with whom we have taken a role specification in person, we are able to give our candidates a clear understanding of any client offering, the career path ahead and the cultural environment that they can expect. From this understanding we are able to identify if an opportunity will offer synergy against our candidates’ career aspirations.

Due to this strength, PMU sees extremely high satisfaction from the candidates who we have helped progress in their careers.

If you would like to have an initial confidential conversation to discuss your career situation, please email the team to arrange a time to speak to a member of staff.

HQ address: 42 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 5QL, United Kingdom
Company Number: 12894528


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