Work for the NHS as an Overseas Healthcare Professional


Work for the NHS as an Overseas Healthcare Professional

August 30, 2022

If you’re thinking of coming to the UK to live and work, you may be able to find gainful employment on the NHS. This post covers the basics of working as an overseas healthcare professional in the UK.

What You Should Know at a Glance

  • You’ll need to pass through a points-based eligibility scheme.
  • If from the EU, reading up on the EU settlement scheme may be useful, even though it’s after the 2021 deadline.
  • You’ll need a biometric residence permit.

It Depends on Your Profession

The specific details surrounding your right to remain and work in the UK are determined by your chosen healthcare profession. The application process and level of demand for midwives is different to that of GPs, for example.


Click here to learn more about how your profession can influence your options.

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