Why become a Midwife in the UK


Why become a Midwife in the UK

October 27, 2021

Midwifery is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs out there, bringing new life into the world and sustaining positive relationships with the families and patients. Midwives are responsible for helping give the best possible birth experience for pregnant women even in the case of unfortunate or tragic events.

The main reason most people go into midwifery is because they have a passion for women’s healthcare and want to extend their knowledge with their patients. They are caring and compassionate people who want to provide comfort to mothers during such a scary and uncertain time. You get to be there when their child is born, your advice and care will be the reason their baby is born healthy.

Being a midwife in the UK has many career paths and opportunities and can be flexible to fit your needs. Many midwives carry their own caseload and work in community settings while others prefer to work in hospitals. By specialising in particular areas such as public health or overseeing teenage pregnancy clinics you open up opportunities to add to your general midwifery skills.

In the UK Midwifes are considered highly trained medical professionals with the autonomy from other nurses or medical professionals. This means that they are able to call their own shots and be their own boss as long as they stay current on medical practices, high quality care for mother and child and following a strict code of ethics. Midwives often have conferences with others from the medical community but their autonomy allows them to hold their practice to their own standards.

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