What’s the Difference Between a Nurse and a Midwife?


What’s the Difference Between a Nurse and a Midwife?

December 14, 2021

While most people know the basic differences between midwives and nurses, things can get a little confusing when you’re considering a new career. We explore the main differences in this post.

Midwives Explained

A trained midwife works with pregnant women and helps them deliver their babies. Their training and qualifications are geared specifically towards this line of work. Typically, a midwife won’t also work in a range of other specialised medical fields like a nurse.

Midwife Training

As a general rule, the following is required when training to become a midwife:


  • A degree in midwifery
  • Alternatively, a general nursing course followed by a midwifery course

Nursing Work

A nurse can work in a broad range of different medical scenarios and has the training to deal with all of them. A labour and delivery nurse can help the obstetrician during a delivery, but wouldn’t typically perform the whole process.

Nurse Training

Most nurses have the following training and qualifications:

  • A full nursing course
  • A degree in nursing
  • UK licensing exams for nursing

Final Thoughts

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