What’s an NHS Trust?


What’s an NHS Trust?

September 06, 2022

The term “NHS Trust” gets thrown around a lot and can be confusing to those not “in the know”. What is an NHS trust anyway? How might their existence impact you as a healthcare employee? In this post, we’ll find out.

Public Sector Corporations

NHS Trusts essentially function as public sector corporations for the NHS. They typically cover a geographical area or a specialism (eg, the ambulance trust). If you’re working in one location for the NHS, you’re likely working for one of its many trusts.

What Does it Mean for Me as an Employee?

The trust(s) in your area may determine the way you apply for roles, the specific guidelines you’re provided with, and the nature of the roles you’re given as an employee. If in doubt, talk to your supervisor and ask for clarification.

This page indexes all NHS Trusts in England and Wales.

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