What Does it Mean to be ‘Registered’ as a Healthcare Professional?


What Does it Mean to be ‘Registered’ as a Healthcare Professional?

September 13, 2022

In the UK, you won’t be able to work in most healthcare careers until you’re a “registered healthcare professional”. This process usually happens once you’ve trained on an eligible course.

We cover the basics in this post.

Why Registering Exists

A healthcare professional in the UK is someone who is “associated with either a specialty or a discipline and who is qualified and allowed by regulatory bodies to provide a healthcare service to a patient.”

This exists to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from harm.

Are Unregistered Roles Unsafe?

It depends on the role. “Unregistered support staff” exist in the UK to aid NHS workers in a safe and effective way. This is miles away from an unregistered doctor, for example, which would be illegal in the UK.

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