What Benefits Do You Get on the NHS?


What Benefits Do You Get on the NHS?

September 20, 2022

Money isn’t the only thing that makes employees happy; benefits and special considerations are other factors that can make your career all the sweeter. In this post, we explore some of the benefits a full-time NHS employee can expect.

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Personal Development Review

All NHS staff receive an annual review that looks back over the past year to identify successes, areas for improvement, and to establish goals for the future. It’s designed to help you develop further as an individual.

Flexible Work Options

There’s a plethora of flexible positions available at the NHS. You can have more freedom than you might expect when it comes to how long you work and which days of the week you’re needed.

Progression Baked In

The Agenda for Change means that NHS staff members are locked into a transparent, easy-to-understand pay scale that comes with progression baked in.

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