Technology Is Improving Recruitment


Technology Is Improving Recruitment

February 13, 2023

According to an independent report published on 17th December 2021 on called AI Barometer, details regarding automated recruitment services that are used across the recruitment pipeline:

For those searching for a job, some recruitment platforms offer automated CV matching and automation of parts of the candidate application, for example, form filling.

When a company is searching for a candidate, an algorithmic system is able to automate job description writing, advertising and chatbots can automate aspects of a recruiters communication with candidates by collecting their information.

When applications need to be sifted, software can screen for required qualifications and skills, and can also rank or score candidate applications based upon their submissions.

Some tools can even process automated background checks by scanning publicly available web content for information on the applicant, and provide recruiters a recommendation on what kind of offer a candidate is most likely to accept.

Here at PlaceMe UK, we use various tools to find the candidates that best match our Employer partners' staffing needs. Speak with us today about how you can leverage our tools to help you find the right people. 

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