Stress vs Sanity – the balancing act in healthcare


Stress vs Sanity – the balancing act in healthcare

March 04, 2024

In the midst of delivering care, how does one interject moments of self-care? Healthcare professionals are well-acquainted with extended shifts and the emotional burdens they entail, often finding themselves chained to a quietly whirling merry-go-round of stress.

So, how does one elegantly balance this burden? ????

It's crucial first to perceive stress not as an adversary, but as an acquaintance. Recognise its indicators and, instead of suppressing them, scrutinise them. Identify the root cause. What elements are within one's control? Through such reflection, one might repurpose stress from something harrowing to something one can address proactively.

Consider what has proven effective for this individual:

1️⃣ Mindfulness: Introducing periods of meditation as mental sanctuaries amid the tumult of one's professional obligations.

2️⃣ Peer Support: Engaging in dialogue with peers can nurture a shared comfort that is often missed in solitude.

3️⃣ Boundaries: Establish a clear line between professional commitments and personal time. Hours off the roster deserve to be vehemently safeguarded. ????️


Research from the UK indicates that 1 in 4 healthcare workers are at risk of burnout. It's a figure that presents a stark reality: before one is a practitioner, one is human, with human limitations.

Remember, pursuing assistance is not an indication of frailty but of astuteness. Utilising counselling services, support circles, or simply sharing a cup of tea and conversation can construct the pathway to equilibrium.

Which stress-management techniques have you incorporated into your self-care regimen? Contribute your insights or solicit guidance in the comments below ????

Let us re-conceptualize resilience, not merely as the ability to withstand, but as the capability to flourish!


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