Should I be an NHS or a Private Nurse? Our Quick Tips


Should I be an NHS or a Private Nurse? Our Quick Tips

July 19, 2022

Considering either a private or NHS nursing job? Wondering which might be the best option for you? Our quick tips on this page may help.

Career Progression

If you’re interested in a career with built-in progression available, the stress of an NHS job might just be worthwhile. Each year you work at the NHS, you move closer to climbing up to the next payment band available for your position.

Career advancement is certainly possible within the private sector, but it hugely depends on the company you’re working for.


Pay is at least easier to predict with the NHS – the pay band schemes provide easy-to-understand roadmaps for the salary you can expect as a nurse.

You may be able to secure more income by working as a private nurse, but this will again depend on your chosen company.

Pace of the Job

There’s no two ways about it – working for the NHS can be hugely demanding. While private nursing jobs can also provide their challenges, they generally operate at a slower pace than their NHS counterparts.

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