Recruitment From Red, Amber and Green List Countries


Recruitment From Red, Amber and Green List Countries

February 20, 2023

The code of practice is outlined by the UK Government for the recruiting of workers for health and social care. This is to ensure that the recruitment of overseas healthcare workers are brought into the UK healthcare industry in a responsible way, which means that there is to be no recruitment from countries that the World Health Organization recognises as having the most challenging health and care workforce related issues. This code of practice also ensures that the UK and the country of a migrants origin are working in partnership to support migration of a worker that is well managed and  delivers benefits to the NHS, the worker and the country of origin.

Countries that are listed upon the WHO Health Workforce Support and Safeguards List are graded Red, this means that no active recruitment is permitted from these countries.

If an agreement is put in place between the UK and a partner country, it will restrict the UK employers, recruitment organisations, agencies and collaborations to the terms of the agreement. The country is then added to the Amber List and recruitment can happen only on the terms of the agreement.

Changes to the Red and Ambers lists are made on an as necessary basis as government to government agreements are signed, which take into account all World Health Organisation guidance for the recruitment of workers. It is therefore recommended for employers, recruitment organisations and agencies check the Red and Amber Country List for updates before any recruitment drive for the intake of workers.

Recruitment is permitted from Green countries, which are any country not included on the Red or Amber lists. The Green list are the countries that have a government to government agreement with the UK in place for international health and care workforce recruitment.

The government to government agreement may set parameters implemented by the country of origin for how UK employers, contracting bodies, recruitment organisations and agencies recruit. These organisations are encouraged to adhere to the terms of the government to government agreement.

Here at PlaceMe UK, we abide by the Code of Practice for Ethical International Recruitment and can only actively recruit from countries on the Green list. If you need advice on how the Code of Practice affects you, you can contact us for advice.

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