Nursing Jobs UK – How to Get Promoted


Nursing Jobs UK – How to Get Promoted

April 05, 2022

Love it or loathe it, the NHS is very clear about how to move up its compensation bands. As a nurse in the UK, there are a number of hoops you’ll have to jump through to improve your pay and career prospects. We explore the basics below.

In a Nutshell

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to move from band 1 to band 8 overnight. In general, you’ll need to do the following to move up a pay band:


  • Work for the NHS for a set amount of time
  • Complete the requisite training for your next pay band
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage a team (in higher bands)
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of good business practices and arithmetic (in higher bands)
  • Other requirements depending on your specialism

What You Can do to Help

We recommend the following to boost your progress:


  • Check in with your senior team members regularly to see which courses, decisions, etc might help your progress
  • Sign up for update emails from your trust to stay ‘in the know’ about new opportunities
  • Respond and adapt to feedback from management wherever possible

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