NHS Mental Health Provision


NHS Mental Health Provision

October 25, 2023

There have been concerning developments over recent years in terms of Mental Health care provision in the UK.
17,000 staff left the NHS workforce from Mental Health positions in 2021-2022, this represents 12% of the mental health workforce within the NHS and points to ongoing shortage of staff and stresses on the service going into the future.

Those leaving their roles cited a lack of work/life balance as a reason, as well as the effects that their work has had on their own Mental Health as a result of the conditions they have had to work under. Staff shortages continue to hold back Mental Health services in the NHS from expanding.

This follows the trend of expansion of NHS services in the UK being overtaken by the demand increasing consistently.

Mental Health issues are increasingly being recognised and taken seriously in the modern world, with reduced stigma leading to more and more people seeking treatment for conditions such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, the growth in demand is outrunning the Mental Health care provision the NHS can give.

We need to fill the shortage!

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