NHS Mental Health Jobs – Recent Updates


NHS Mental Health Jobs – Recent Updates

April 12, 2022

The mental health sector is one of the NHS’ most rapidly expanding fields with new mental health jobs emerging all the time. This post explores some positive news from recent years.

New Access Ambitions

In February of 2022, the NHS set out a number of goals designed to improve access and outcomes for patients seeking mental health support across the country. These included shorter waiting times, more targeted support, and an increase in the number of options available to patients.

Increased Outreach

In January of this year, the NHS launched its landmark campaign, ‘Help’, that sought to spread awareness of how effective talking therapies and CBT can be.

New Roles and Careers

There has never been a better time to look for mental health jobs through the NHS. New positions become available all the time and offer long-lasting, rewarding work to the right people.

NHS Mental Health Jobs

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