How to Survive as a Doctor in the UK


How to Survive as a Doctor in the UK

February 08, 2022

Training to become a doctor might just be the best decision you’ll ever make, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be tough at times. Surviving as a doctor in the UK can take perseverance, patience, and a whole lot of heart.

We discuss some helpful ideas below.

Take Advantage of Your Sick Pay

NHS doctors and trainees can enjoy comparatively generous sick leave plans in the UK. If you’re ill or dangerously run down, don’t be afraid to use it! It’s there for a reason, after all.

Find Ways to Unwind

Self-care is important in any profession, but it’s especially important for those working in healthcare. How can you unwind after a long shift? What helps you relieve any tension built up during your working day?

Give yourself the TLC you need!

Use Your Hospital Network

It’s amazing what after-work drinks or other social gatherings can achieve. Using your network of friends and colleagues can be instrumental in surviving in this profession.

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