How to make your CV stand out from others!


How to make your CV stand out from others!

May 17, 2021

How to make your CV stand out from others!

There are 3 great tips to use during this pandemic to make sure that you can get the job you desire.

  1. Before you even start on your CV you should research your desired roles and read through the job descriptions. Make a note of the common keywords you see and use them throughout your CV which makes your qualifications and competence for the job more apparent. Also, take note of any overused and clichéd words or phrases such as motivated, overachiever, hard worker or team player. Using these types of phrases could make you blend in with the other hundreds of CVs that day and be left at the bottom of the pile or even in the shredder so it is best to avoid them and use the thesaurus to help come up with synonyms.


  1. Keep the CV short and concise by getting rid of any unnecessary information such as your photo, gender or marital status. This is important as you should aim for two pages of A4 as it is very important that you don’t fill up your CV with unimportant details. This could also include not listing every single one of your qualifications, for example instead of listing every single GCSE you took, you could say “8 GCSE’s (A*-C)”.


  1. Divide your text and separate it into clear subsections in your CV to make it clearer to the recruiters who are reading it. Long, wordy paragraphs are very time consuming to get through and could result in some of your most important information being accidently skipped and ignored. Try to use headings such as “employment history” or “qualifications” so the person reading it know exactly where to look for what they are looking for. If you are a nurse or doctor then you can contact and we can format it for you.

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