How To Create A Great CV / Resume


How To Create A Great CV / Resume

June 25, 2020

How To Create A Great CV / Resume

4 Quick Tips To Help You Boost Your CV

HR News published an article today stating that in some of the hardest hit UK areas, when compared to pre-pandemic levels, there are now five times more people chasing each job. This means that having a great CV is more important now than ever before. Your CV is your personal marketing document that should tell your employers about your employment history, skills, any achievements and why they should consider you for the job.

To help you to create a CV that gets you noticed, we’ve put together 4 Quick Tips To Help You Boost Your CV.

  1. Make your CV “readable”

Employers typically spend approximately six seconds looking at a CV… Six seconds. That means that you have just six seconds to make a great first impression. This starts with making your CV “readable”. At PlaceMe UK, our CV template focusses on 4 key areas:

  • Your profile (who you are; your top qualities)
  • Your employment history (in chronological order with the most recent first)
  • Your education and qualifications
  • Anything else (eg. awards; publications; language skills)

All information that your prospective employer wants to know about you and all areas that give you those six seconds to make a good first impression.

  1. Use a Cover Letter

We think it is important to include a cover letter with applications because they may include things that your CV has missed. The information you include in your cover letter will be part of our pitch to your prospective employers, so it’s beneficial if you can highlight the skills and experience that you have to do the job. For our international healthcare professionals, especially when applying to hospitals who are new to international recruitment, this is particularly important. You will need to help us to “translate” your skills and experience into the skills and experience our partner hospitals urgently need on their wards. Help us to help you by putting together a compelling cover letter.

  1. Check your CV

General typos, poor spelling and grammar are on most hiring manager’s top pet peeves. They’re evidence of carelessness about detail and could be enough to cancel out all the hard work that you have put in to get so far. Check and re-check your CV and you can use free programs like AI backed Grammarly (link: to assist you too.

4. Address any gaps

Our AI backed software detects gaps just like your employers will, so expect our consultants to ask you about them – because your employers will be wondering. Don’t keep them guessing. Healthcare is a regulated industry and compliance is very important. Gaps in your CV due to – for example – illness or primary childcare duties, really are OK but your employers need to know. Make sure your timeline is clear and that any gaps are addressed.

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