How to become a nurse in the UK if you already are one abroad


How to become a nurse in the UK if you already are one abroad

June 21, 2021

How to become a nurse in the UK if you already are one abroad


If you are a nurse from another country who would like to become a registered nurse in the UK, relocating is a simple process.

The first step is to work towards obtaining the NMC registration by passing the IELTS or OET exam to prove your ability to speak English which we would recommend studying for with professional institutions alongside all of your other exams to ensure passing on the first time as it can be very frustrating, time consuming and expensive if you have to retake exams. Obtaining the NMC registration also involves passing a CBT test about your theorical knowledge in nursing.

The second step is to gain eligibility to apply for Pre-registration Nurse/NHS healthcare assistant post. Which will then allow you to apply for a tier 2 visa application which can be the longest part to the process but we can help you out here at PlaceMe UK. Once you have passed your IELTS and CBT call us at 02036376445 or send an email to explaining your situation along with your cv so we can help you secure a placement and a tier 2 visa.

The third step is to arrive in UK and pass your OSCE exam. You will have to re-sit for your OSCE in a space of eight months from the inception of your visa. And you can only write it three times as part of one application. You will need to travel if you are outside of the UK at this point as the OSCE exam can only be written in Oxford Brooke’s University, Ulster University, Northern Ireland or at University of Northampton. If you choose to practice for your exams with courses from professionals such as those at IELTS Medical, they will be able to help you book these exams after helping you gain the knowledge needed to pass them.

The fourth and last step, once your ID have been confirmed, you will be issued an NMC pin which will allow you to work in UK within NHS with help from us at PlaceMe UK if you send over your CV to we will help you find a suitable placement in a hospital or healthcare setting in the UK.


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