How to Become a Doctor in the UK


How to Become a Doctor in the UK

January 25, 2022

A career as an NHS doctor can be endlessly rewarding. You’ll be shaping lives every single day and earning a substantial salary while you’re at it. The question is, how does one become a doctor in the UK?


On this page, we’ll explore the basics.

Step One – A Medical Degree 

Before your real-world training can begin, you’ll need to start your medical degree. This is usually a five-year course, but graduate courses exist that take a shorter four years. Those with overseas experience may be able to transfer their training when applying for a licence in the UK.

Step Two – Observation and Experience

During your second foundation year, your observations and work experience will begin. Your school and course supervisors will help you find the experience you need. You’ll be watching trained medical professionals and developing your practical skills.

Step Three – Full Licence Registration

You’ll be given a provisional licence during your second foundation year. Once fully trained, you’ll be registered with the General Medical Council and will be ready to start your career in earnest!

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