How Much Do NHS Doctors Earn in the UK?


How Much Do NHS Doctors Earn in the UK?

January 04, 2022

Most people know that doctors are well compensated, but how much can you actually expect to earn in the UK? On this page, we’ll find out.

How Much do New UK Doctors Earn?

As a junior doctor in your first foundation year (F1), you can expect a starting salary of £28,808. This will rise to £33,345 in your second year. Once fully trained, a general practitioner can enjoy salaries between £62,000 and £94,000.

Extra pay is also available for night and weekend shifts.

What About Senior and Specialist Doctors?

If you’re training as a specialist doctor, your starting salary can be as high as £39,467 in your first year. This will increase to £53,077 in subsequent years and will grow alongside seniority.

After several years, your earnings could climb to more than £77,000 per annum.

Do Private Doctors Earn More?

This depends on the practice in question, but private doctors sometimes have better earning prospects. Some jobs offer a proportion of total profits for the practice, for example.

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