HCPC Registration for UK Applicants


HCPC Registration for UK Applicants

March 08, 2024

1. Eligibility Check:

   - Applicants must hold a qualification from a HCPC-approved education program in the UK. If unsure, they can refer to Approved programmes | (hcpc-uk.org)

   - There's also an option for qualifications from previously-approved education programs Historical programmes | (hcpc-uk.org).

2. Accessibility:

   - The application process is primarily online, but accommodations can be made for accessibility reasons.Please contact registration@hcpc-uk.org to request this.

3. Application Process:

   - Applications are made online, and applicants should expect background checks.

   - Upon approval, applicants will be asked to set up an online account for payment of registration fees.

   - Successful registration will result in the issuance of a registration number.

4. Staying on the Register:

   - Registrants are responsible for maintaining their registration by meeting standards, undertaking CPD activities, and renewing registration every two years.

   - All correspondence regarding registration is conducted via email.

5. Using the Form:

To begin a UK application for registration, follow the linkUK applications | (hcpc-uk.org).

   - Applicants need to sign up and create an account before starting the application process.

   - Email address provided should be accessible long-term.

   - Adding HCPC's domain to the safe senders list ensures receipt of important emails.

   - There's a section to create a new application, and applicants can track progress via the "My Applications" page.

6. Documents:

   - Applicants need to upload certified copies of proof of identity, proof of address, qualification certificate (for some), and other supporting documents.

   - Guidelines are provided for document certification, including who can certify and how to certify documents.

   - Documents must be uploaded in PDF, JPG, or PNG format.

If your document doesn’t upload correctly, this may signify that you’ve already submitted a UK application for registration using a paper form. You’ll need to contact Registration team to let them know which of these applications you wish to continue and which should be withdrawn. You can do this by emailing registration@hcpc-uk.org with your application numbers (if you have them).

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