Grants and Support for UK Medical Students


Grants and Support for UK Medical Students

February 22, 2022

One huge perk when training as a medical professional in the UK is the number of grants and financial support schemes available. If you’re worried that you can’t afford to retrain, this post is for you.

We cover the basics of student support for NHS trainees below.

Can I Get Support When Training?

Usually, yes! New and continuing medical students can get up to £5000 of additional support if eligible. An additional £1000 a year may be available to those on more specialist courses.

Use this link to check if you can claim!

What if I Have Children?

Caring for children while training can add significant emotional and financial strain on a person’s situation. Fortunately, parental support payments of up to £2000 per year are available to eligible students.

What About Student Loans?

You may like to take out a student loan through the UK’s Student Loan Company. You may be eligible for a new loan even if you’ve already completed another degree!

Final Thoughts

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