Get a Job in the NHS Without Any Experience


Get a Job in the NHS Without Any Experience

May 17, 2022

The NHS can be an incredible source of rewarding, stable income if you know where to look. The question is, can you get a job in the NHS without any experience? Sometimes, the answer is yes!


In this post, we explore your options.

The Career Mapper

If you’re brand new to all this and wondering how on earth to get started, the NHS Career Mapper may prove useful. It’s designed to show you the options that are available now and how to build up to options that may be available in the future with the right training and experience.

Zero-Experience NHS Jobs

While some prior training may help you secure these positions, you can also find rewarding work in the following roles with no experience required:


  • Healthcare assistant
  • Dental care assistant
  • Careworker
  • Technician at a pharmacy
  • Medical secretary
  • More (use the Career Mapper above to help)

Last Word

Navigating the market for healthcare jobs can feel daunting. We’re here to help – start your NHS career today with Place Me.

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