Enhanced DBS Checks for Medical Jobs


Enhanced DBS Checks for Medical Jobs

May 24, 2022

Looking for medical jobs in the UK? You’ll need to go through what’s called an advanced DBS check. These checks are designed to keep both the public and NHS staff safe. In this post, we’ll explore the DBS details.

Enhanced DBS Checks – Nursing

As a nurse, medical assistant, or doctor, you’ll be working closely with the public every single day. The justification for enhanced DBS checks in the medical sector is that such a public-facing role requires an extra level of scrutiny.

What They Cover

An enhanced DBS check looks at the following:

  • Any past criminal cautions
  • Any past criminal reprimands
  • Any warnings
  • Spent and unspent criminal convictions
  • The Children’s barred list
  • Adult First checks

Who Has to Pay?

There’s no law in the UK requiring employers to pay for DBS checks. This means that depending on your trust or hospital, you may be asked to pay for your check yourself. This is usually a £38 charge.

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