Dealing With Nerves During The Job Search


Dealing With Nerves During The Job Search

January 19, 2024

As we all can understand, being an overseas qualified healthcare professional looking for your dream role can be overwhelming and anxiety enducing, here at PlaceMeUK we want to make our candidates feel as at ease as possible whilst finding that next career step!

Here are some ways of thinking that might benefit candidates in the ups and downs of a job search, if nerves are present, we hope these are useful.



  1. Feel the excitement


Try to feel the excitement of the situation, nerves and excitement are closely linked emotions and often can be experienced concurrently. Even saying to yourself that you are excited for this new opportunity can be an effective method of training your thinking processes to reduce stress.



       2.   Keep a journal of your emotions


This can really help with nervousness as it enables you to review how you have felt over a period of time and work out what are the triggers of your nervousness, from this point you can work out how to address these emotions and control your nerves.


       3.      Talk to someone about how you feel


Talking to someone about your nerves and how you’re feeling is a great way to get your problems off your chest and also to hear someone’s opinion. This can help if you’re feeling that your worries might be irrational and hopefully hearing someone else’s opinion will help rationalise your nerves.



This person you choose to speak to could be a loved one, a parent, a sibling or one of your workplace colleagues. If this isn’t something that you’re comfortable with, consider talking anonymously on the phone with a mental health helpline, the operators on these services are sure to be able to offer some advice for you going forward.



       4.     Think positively and Breathe


Try to focus on your breathing, by doing this you will shift your thought process from focusing on your nerves and be able to relax. Thinking positively can be really helpful, a good method is to try and visualise the end goal of the job search. Instead of catastrophising and imagining the worst outcome, thinking positively can greatly impact your outlook and performance.


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