Care Home Nurse Network


Care Home Nurse Network

December 05, 2023

A number of PlaceMeUK’s clients are some of the best care homes in the country, they usually only hire a small number of Care Home Nurses.


This means that sometimes upon achieving a role you might find that you’re missing out on that supportive network that you'd have if you were working in a hospital setting.

We've met some really great Career Care Home Nurses and we'd like to give you that network that will help to make Care Home Nursing a more attractive and enriching career for you.  


PlaceMe UK's Care Home Nurses Network gives you:

- Colleagues to share ideas with

- Support group

- Mentorship

- 24/7 Advice line including Legal advice and protection


This network is a really effective way of improving your networking prospects while working as a Care Home Nurse in the UK Healthcare Sector. Simply sign up by entering your name, email and phone number today!

Join the network today:

HQ address: 42 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 5QL, United Kingdom
Company Number: 12894528


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