Can I Get Paid to Train on the NHS? The Support Available


Can I Get Paid to Train on the NHS? The Support Available

November 08, 2022

The training required for some healthcare careers can seem daunting to the uninitiated. What many people don’t realise, however, is that there are generous financial support schemes available for certain career paths.

On this page, we’ll cover the basics of what you might be able to get.

The NHS Learning Support Fund

There are both graduate and undergraduate schemes available for a variety of different NHS-eligible courses. The most common form of support are financial grants that the recipient never has to pay back!

It Depends on Your Specialism

The most common grant given is a training grant of £5000 per year. If you train in a specialism that struggles to recruit, like mental health for example, you could receive an extra £1000 a year on top of this initial £5000.

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Double-Check Before You Dive in

Talk with your course lead to double check your eligibility before diving in. It’s best to be sure about this kind of thing!

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