Am I Too Old to Work in Healthcare? Things to Consider


Am I Too Old to Work in Healthcare? Things to Consider

November 15, 2022

Age is just a number, right? How old is too old to consider working for the NHS? While the hectic pace of healthcare jobs is not to be overlooked, your age needn’t be an obstacle to gainful employment!

Consider The Physical Demands of the Job

No matter what NHS job you’re doing, your working pace is likely to be quite demanding. This factor is only compounded on nursing jobs where you’ll be on your feet for the vast majority of the day.

Your conclusion here will be a personal one – are you physically able to meet the demands of the job? That’s all that matters.

Experience Can be an Asset

Depending on the specialism you’re interested in, your seniority can be an asset to the NHS. The important thing is to not dismiss yourself before you’ve even given it a shot!

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