A Day in the Life of a UK Nurse


A Day in the Life of a UK Nurse

December 28, 2021

Looking for a fast-paced, dynamic career that’s rewarding and challenging in equal measure? Working as a nurse might be perfect for you! While every day in healthcare is different, we explore what a typical day in nursing might look like below.


Good morning! Get ready for a huge day! Shifts typically start around 7.30 or 8AM and things usually speed up quickly. Once the previous nurse has handed over and briefed you on any pending tasks, there are patients to meet, readings to take, and equipment to check.

You’ll be helping to administer IV treatments, taking readings from ongoing patients, and much more.

Mid-Day Changeover

It’s not uncommon for there to be some form of shift changeover in the middle of the day. You’ll be briefing incoming staff on what to expect from the day and helping to set things up for the afternoon and evening teams.

Figurative fires to put out? Unexpected treatment changes? You’ll be there to help ease things along.


Time to keep going! You’ll likely have a new wave of patients to treat and a mountain of changing tasks to tackle. It’s not uncommon for shifts to last for 12-13 hours!

Final Thoughts

Think nursing might be for you?

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